The Story Behind

I believe that the Arabic language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. That's why I created Najem.

The word Najem means star and it is my mother's family name. Especially as a child I admired the meaning of that - my family were like the stars in the sky. Growing up in Iraq I learned how to read and write in Arabic. My family moved to Denmark when I was 10 years old, and I will always be grateful for learning the beauty of the language of my childhood.

With Najem I want to share that beauty with the world.

This fashion line is very close to my heart. I believe the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy are visually strong. With close-mindedness on the rise in Europe I want to show that the beauty of Arabic culture can be appreciated by everyone.

No matter what milestone I hit in my life, no matter what succes I accomplish, I always look to the stars for inspiration. Stars can be family, stars can be friends, stars can be colleagues, mentors, celebrities. Stars can be anyone, including you.

Ihan Haydar
CEO & Designer